You Were Listening The Whole Time, THE WHOLE TIME??!

I love to listen to my surroundings, so this is a recap of the amazingly awkward conversations I have come across in my travels. Enjoy!


Walmart, Virginia Beach

“Do you prefer the chocolate drumsticks? Well, look in the freezer. Are there more vanilla ones left?” *What a good southern mother*

Shaking Crab, Virginia Beach

Two employees playing rock, paper, scissors at the register and I asked why, and they shrugged.

The neighbor table got up and came over to me and asked what I ordered. I basically work here now and explained the entire process of ordering. Their accents had me giving delayed responses as I tried to decipher their questions. #NailedIt


I beat the hostess in Rock, Paper, Scissors. Video coming soon.

Stop & Shop

Little boy: “Why so many Cheerios?”

Mom: “They were 4/$10”

H&M Dressing Room

Boy 1: “Ring, ring.”

Boy 2: “Hello, how are you?”

Boy 1: “I’m not so well.”

Boy 2: “Why, what’s wrong?”

Boy 1: “My children are driving me crazy!

Furniture Store

Mother: “I need this chair.. for myself.. for my kitchen.”

Daughter: “Okay.”

Mother: “Because I sit in the kitchen.. from 10 to 2…then I sit in the sitting room.. from 2 to 10.. then I sleep from 10 to whenever.”

Daughter: “Okay.”

Furniture Store

Little boy: “Why don’t we ever get to ride the alligator?”