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The Temp Series

Day One

Annie knocked a rhythmic three times at the dark oak door. The familiar voice on the other side ask for her to enter. The sharp wind pinched Annie’s cheeks and her nose shone rosy but she entered the room as normal as ever, gliding across the plush carpet to a wooden chair that made her behind sore.

“You’re back,” Tessa spoke from behind a desk cluttered with stacks of paperwork.

“I don’t understand, I really tried,” Annie pulled the chair closer to Tessa’s desk, managing to almost stifle the squeak of its legs.

Tessa brought her coffee mug to her mouth as she slid a file out from a drawer by her leg. “Oh Annie, what happened now?” Tessa returned her cup to the steamy ring formed on her desk and sat back in her executive chair. “Let’s hear it.”

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