Episode 12


“Hey Siri, what’s the weather?”

“..It’s 60 degrees in NY right now.”


Well time for the turtle neck to come out.

7:00 SIM22

I never had to walk to the back of the bus before, but a lady moved to another row and left two empty chairs for me. Gracias!

Halfway down the turnpike I realized why she had left. The couple in the row before me didn’t shut the hell up the whole ride! My Netflix show couldn’t even drown them out.

I took the train because my feet were still crying from last week. I did 10,000+ steps on Friday alone.

Song of the Day: Swizz Beatz’ “Money in the Bank”

His album drops November 2nd. But this song is still fire! 🔥

Work update: I completed my 1st draft of my second write-up 😝 and feel pretty excited about it.

Sometime after 6:00 🕕

I was about to get off the bus once I saw there were no seats but we started moving. I finally found a window seat in the back and got so mad that the guy didn’t follow the rules. He didn’t move in, but he did get up so I could sit by the window. Thankfully I got there first – some lady couldn’t find a seat either. What a struggle!

I spent the ride home watching season 1, episode 9 of House of Cards.

Other people were playing some old games on their phones: Candy Crush – is that still a thing? – and one girl was catching a Pokémon on the bus!

I wanted to cheer her on so bad, but that game was so last year. I’m not making fun of her at all – I used to be one of those Pokémon trainers in the streets trying to catch em all!


We got the front row on the bus! My mom came to the city again today.

At the last stop, some guy got on to check the occupancy. I wanted to scream out: “Get us more SIM22’s!” But it was too early to yell and besides, they need more for the trip home.

Sometime around noon 🕛

The elevators were zooming by. I ran to slap the button and heard it come to a rushed pause. I couldn’t stop laughing, picturing the people inside all flying to the ceiling with the abrupt stop at my floor. Luckily no one was in the elevator.

Juggling update: I am learning to juggle 2 balls and 1 pin at the same time.

Sometime after 5:30 🕠

Before we got on the bus, we stopped at that bakery again. I didn’t know it was The Cake Boss’ bakery. My mom wanted to try the carrot cake I raved about.

Then the bus finally arrived and there were no seats. We found out too late and had to stand. I saw a seat in the back, but the lady didn’t move over, so I maneuvered in the aisle to get my mom past me so she could sit. I stood, others stood, and 15 minutes into the ride, I gave up. I sat on the floor in the aisle.





I decided to walk to the transit center since I’ve been taking the train to work and skipping out on those much needed steps.

It’s a nice walk, but I need thicker socks!

I was the first on line for the bus and sat down in the glass shack (you know – the glass box that they usually have at most bus stops; It’s like a tiny house with a bench inside.)

The others showed up minutes before the bus came.

It’s funny how I grill people for not going to the end of the line, even if the bus stop has multiple routes. I think about how they’re dressed and assume they’re going to the city, then wonder why they aren’t getting on the line. But if they’re dressed down or if it’s a kid, I know they’re going on the regular city bus. I know, I know, it’s not nice to judge, but I can’t stand line cutters and I’m getting pretty good at figuring it all out.

Well, some guy showed up a minute before the SIM22 rolled by and I immediately scanned his wardrobe, looking for clues as to what bus he was waiting for.

The SIM22 peeked around the curb and I jumped up so the others – including him – could acknowledge my status on the line.

He also moved toward the curb. 🤔

I thought to myself – he has to let us go up the stairs first. But he didn’t and I couldn’t believe what was happening. I felt like I had to tap his shoulder and point to the ten people behind me, like they were all expecting a hero, and I had let them down. I just mumbled – there’s a whole line – And got on the bus.

Somehow, my phone didn’t charge overnight so I was forced to plug the charger in, instead of my headphones. Apple problems – I don’t like using my wireless Beats in Manhattan so I use the pluggable ones that came with my iPhone X.

Without my podcast app, I was forced to get lost in my surroundings: the guy to my right was looking at a map of America, the guy to my left was playing Wii U, and the bus started making awful sounds like a bunch of metal poles vibrating in a sink in the midst of a cicada outbreak.

I put my headphones on and gave up on charging my phone.

Welcome to Times Square!

Work update: I finished my final draft of my first write-up, still waiting on a review of my second package and started a new project.

I juggled at lunch after nearly getting lost in Macy’s. I had no idea Macy’s took up the entire block! I wanted comfortable work boots and kept getting stuck in the boujee shoe sections. They had high end designers within the shoe department and all I wanted was the normal shoe section – for real people – with real bank accounts.

I ended up at Rainbow down the block and got comfy black boots for $20!

Since I walked to the bus depot this morning, I decided to take the SIM6 home. I walked what felt like 100 blocks to get to Lexington & E34th. There were like two seats left. Some privileged chick had her shopping bags on the seat next to her, so instead of starting a problem, I sat next to a woman who didn’t seem to want a neighbor. The seat rocked back and forth with every abrupt stop the driver made and the six rows dedicated to wheelchairs, all shook and ejected passengers the entire ride.

The girl in front of me screamed out and broke the somewhat quiet bus. Everyone else got scared and the girl apologized over and over. We all started laughing. She tried to bring her chair upright but the bus stopped at the same time, causing her chair to quickly recline further back than she was used to.

I absolutely hate this bus! Never again! All because I wanted to be dropped off closer to home. I’ll just walk up to Times Square tomorrow.

I don’t understand how the metro card machine doesn’t calculate seat count. If I went to a movie theater and tried to buy tickets, the cashier would say, “Sold Out!”

So when I swipe my metro, why doesn’t it “buy my seat” and mark it sold? That way when someone asks the driver if there are there anymore seats, the driver can give an educated answer other than a shoulder shrug!

Two women are standing and I feel their pain. One thing I can appreciate is the guy who ended up making the chick move her shopping bags. He even asked if one of the standing women wanted to sit. Kudos, man.

The privileged chick shut their air vents, but he said he was hot. I wanted to laugh so bad. You can’t touch someone else’s air vent.

This bus is so different. Now she’s talking on the phone. You’re supposed to be quiet. This is wind-down time.

As people got off at their stops, I moved to the front row. I just about had enough of the rocking chair I was sitting in. I complained to the driver about the metro card reader not counting the seats and he laughed and said there’s more changes coming in January. He doubted they would do anything about seat counts, but the routes will be altered yet again. 😮 Just when I got used to my commute!


Oh and somehow, my nail fell off somewhere in Midtown.


👀 I think it’s time for a coat. I had asked my dad if he wanted to contribute to my winter coat fund. He said “Sure, I’ll get the hood!” 🤦‍♀️ He thinks he’s hilarious.

The driver from Friday is back – you know – the whistling, “good morning” driver who waited for late people at the last stop.

The bus checker wasn’t there today, he must be handling official bus duty at the Capitol.

A man hesitantly put his metro through while stretching his neck over the others but the good morning driver reassured him, “there’s seats.”

I was so tempted to ask how he knew that but there’s a sign not to talk to the driver.

I sat back and listened to 2 Dope Chicks while the sun came up.

I finally asked the driver about seat count once we left the tunnel and he said he keeps his own count. I congratulated him for being a team player.

So the wind nearly took me back to Staten Island – I had just loosened my scarf and came close to getting side-swiped by a pigeon! It was a close call.

I made new friends at lunch. Some guy in a suit was walking down the stairs on his hands. He was with my usual juggle group and I asked if I could tape him for my blog. He was super chill about it. I had no clue how big juggling really is – they invited me to join their juggle group on Facebook and share my blog with their community. 🤹‍♀️


Someone almost tried to cut the line and I was the first person at the stop, so I wasn’t having that! The lady after me said she thinks we’ve been cut, and she gave me the squinted-shifty eyes. Naturally, I looked at the new girl in the glass hut and turned my body toward the direction of the bus. But my line-mate didn’t pay attention and the cutter got on the bus after me. 🤦‍♀️

My window seat allowed me to shrink inside my hood and pass out. 42nd St popped up out of no where! All I wanted was breakfast. The self service kiosks were out of order so I was forced to speak to a cashier:

Me – “Can I get a sausage biscuit?

Guy – “Do you want the meal?”

Me – “No, and an order of pancakes.”

Guy – “….”

He had confusion all over his face. I didn’t know how I could’ve offended or confused him.

Him – “you mean hot cakes?”

Me – “Yeah, pancakes.”

Really? You can’t call hot cakes, pancakes? What planet is this?

Work update: I submitted my first complete deal!!!!! I told you it was a lengthy process – a lot of back and forth.

For lunch I got a happy meal and it came with Hello Kitty glasses!

My squad still doesn’t understand how they sold me one.

After work we celebrated another week and the squad had a few happy hour mystery beers.

Outside on 8th Ave, they had giveaways!

I made it to my bus on time, got my own row and basically got prepped for the nap of my life!

Check back for more SamWriteNow & the City!


During my trip I caught some interesting candid moments.

Joseph thought he was slick cleaning his sandy shoe with a foot stool in an empty aisle at the dollar store.

Shadonna thought she was safe in the car while we hit up a vape store.

Even the military guys thought they were incognito.

Joseph was trying to hide out in the dressing room.

Caught him twitching.

And then an innocent beach goer in a hole.

Stay tuned for more #CandidShots

❤️ SamWriteNow<<

What’s with the peanut butter?

As we drove out the parking lot of a nightclub, we saw a group of people standing around a parked van in a near-empty lot. I looked closer and noticed a girl standing on the roof of the truck with something shiny in her hands. I thought it would be fun to drive past and ask them what was happening. Shadonna thought we should get out the car and make friends. Long story short, I did my interview and couldn’t believe what they had to say.

*Shout out to Shadonna for pushing me to get the footage!

*Shout out to Joseph for the title assistance!