Vegas: Day 3 with Mr Carter

The first two days were quite a blur. Vegas was completely draining, but in a really exciting way! Day 3 was a major change of pace–we finally made it to Dick’s Last Resort. The restaurant is known for its workers acting like, well, jerks.

We loved it!

Luckily it was smack in the middle of our hotel, the Excalibur.

*side note*

Dick’s Last Resort closes for a few hours after midnight. We thought everything was 24 hours in Vegas.

The “Old Bay” rubbed crab legs were so on-point I didn’t have the ability to take any pics. To be honest, I barely spoke to Mr Carter. My mouth was dedicated to the sweet and slightly spicy crab legs that sat before me in a metal pail. You know it’s good when seasoning is dripping down your arms.

The first time I spoke since attacking my grub was to ask a waitress if they had a bathroom. She didn’t even pause while carrying her tray toward the back of the restaurant and all I heard was a loud, “Yep!”

I couldn’t stop laughing. Our bartender rolled his eyes and screamed while pointing to go all the way past the bar.

When I made it to the potty, there were signs on the doors. I took a selfie on my way out but something seemed off.

The door signs were wrong.

With all the confusion whether or not I used a men’s bathroom, or the rude servers at the restaurant, Mr Carter decided to keep our momentum and venture out of our hotel.

Easier said than done. We couldn’t figure out where to go to even get to the strip. It’s all a great system for the casinos in Vegas–they keep people inside as much as possible.

We broke free somewhere between Excalibur and Luxor, magically getting thrown on the sidewalk to fend for ourselves like baby birds.

Our unchaperoned baby steps led us to MGM where we sat at a bar and played Poker and Blackjack. The machine kept spitting out drink vouchers to keep us from leaving. Finally, after our 4th drink, we took our supersized travel cups over to the bowling alley and put our skills to the ultimate test on the Fisher Price lanes. For $5, we got a full game–cheaper than Staten Island. We bowled two games, he won the first but I took the second round.

On our journey back to wherever we came from, Mr Carter taped me Milly Rockin’ up to random strangers and racing a lady up the steps.

To make a perfect day even better, we had way too much fun on the moving sidewalk headed back to our hotel. I love that he can be as silly as me and live every moment like it’s the best one!!

To think, I wasn’t going to wet my hair the entire trip…. and we end up swimming on a moving sidewalk!

Mr Carter is pretty damn cool, it’s why I love him!

Vegas: Day 2 with Mr Carter

Aside from being jet-lagged and never really understanding what time it was, we were swaddled by the most immense dry heat ever imaginable. It was glorious!

My hair held up until it was time to dip in the pool. Mr Carter begged me to wet it and I pleaded he wasn’t going to like the outcome. His charming self persuaded me to hold my nose and let the silky smooth water slip and slide all throughout my previously straight hair. Anyone who knows what kind of locks I have should have gasped for air, or clutched their pearls by now, but I’m glad he encouraged me to let loose. I felt free. And what’s a vacation with your man if he doesn’t get to see everything?

He loved the wild look. You know what they say about being in relationships and starting to look alike? Well…

Yeah, our hair could be related. That just means we’re meant to be!

Day Two was basically spent at the pool, soaking up the chlorine and drinking in the hottest sun we had ever encountered.

Oh, and did we mention the best burger was in the Drenched Bar by the pool? It was a Bourbon Bacon Burger that seriously put all others to shame! We had it about 4 or 5 times. Even the fries tasted like the cook spent hours slaving over a stove to perfect each fry down to the appropriate dash of salt.

The Excalibur Hotel definitely knows what it’s doing. Kudos.