Bryant Park Juggling

I haven’t seen my friends in a few months – the entire winter season was spent juggling everywhere else but work.

I haven’t posted in a while because I’m lazy.

I bought PX3 clubs from Play Juggling (recommended by my juggling friends) and I’m working on walking forward, backward, and then spinning with the same flow.

Here’s to my first spring post!

Episode 16

Another week, another series of interesting events.

Dave & Buster’s

The pen to my paper (Shadonna) left me Tuesday, so we celebrated our last night with food, drinks and video games!

SamWriteNow & Juggling

I’m learning a few new tricks. This is my last week juggling with my friends (they extended their original date) so I had to step my game up a bit.

First snow in the city!

The city was a disaster this past Thursday and even though it took me over 5 hours to get home, I kind of enjoyed the experience. I’m learning to live in the moment and push through the worst. After waiting over 50 minutes for my SIM22 (or any available bus) I decided to take the train to the ferry for the first time. There weren’t any seats on the boat so I sat in the stairwell. The line for the bus was longer than the line I left at 42nd, but when a bus finally showed up, we were all too happy to complain about being packed inside like clowns in a tiny car. I climbed up on a luggage rack and ate my chicken fingers. It wasn’t so bad.

There’s nothing ordinary about Manhattan and that’s what I admire most. That’s all for now.

Check back for more SamWriteNow!

Episode 15

This week with SamWriteNow:

My best friend is leaving to Virginia soon and it’s an emotional week. We spent Monday going through old pictures, like when I turned 21 (a week after her) and bought my first beer.

This girl has been by my side since freshman year of high school and thankfully for our last names, we were seat-buddies. She asked for a pen on day one and never returned it! I’m glad she didn’t.

I never thought I’d ever have a real friend, like that down-for-anything kind of friend who just knows how to literally finish your sent— she would’ve said “ences” if this wasn’t a blog post.

On a brighter note, I started learning this clay motion juggling technique. It’s hypnotizing when you watch it but the training videos are sort of cool. See for yourself.

Tuesday was spent at the voting booth, duh!

Then it was straight to the bowling alley for much needed juggling with my sister.

I even got to teach a newbie.

On Wednesday, I wore pink.

Well, just my jacket.

Thursday is always the longest day of the week….so I won’t talk about it, just press play.

The Friday commute was super smooth and thanks to my decision to switch bus stops, I had the entire front seat to myself! It was probably the holiday weekend that assisted in my comfort.

The train was amusing. I never saw a dog in a backpack before.

And lunch was another fun experience! Always something new!

And that about wraps up another interesting week in the city. Check back for updates on my juggle journey!

Episode 14

This week with SamWriteNow:

I can do anything I set my mind to. In less than a month I learned how to juggle. I dabbled with balls, pins, hoops, random things at the check out lines, and pretty much anything I can possibly get my hands on!

I juggle in the street, at the bus stop and even in the train station next to the saxophone player. That was fun, he gave me the nod of an appreciative street performer.

It’s not just about my new hobby, it’s about living in the moment. The days are flying by and it’s not fair to get lost in the minutes.

Live in the moment and experience what the world has to offer!

Again, thank you Jeff and Olga! You guys made my first month of working in the city a memorable experience I will never forget!

Even though my friends aren’t at my building anymore, I haven’t given up. They invited me to their Bryant Park Juggle group and I can’t wait to continue my learning!

Lastly, I leave you with my compilation video.

Check back and support my juggle journey!