Episode 16

Another week, another series of interesting events.

Dave & Buster’s

The pen to my paper (Shadonna) left me Tuesday, so we celebrated our last night with food, drinks and video games!

SamWriteNow & Juggling

I’m learning a few new tricks. This is my last week juggling with my friends (they extended their original date) so I had to step my game up a bit.

First snow in the city!

The city was a disaster this past Thursday and even though it took me over 5 hours to get home, I kind of enjoyed the experience. I’m learning to live in the moment and push through the worst. After waiting over 50 minutes for my SIM22 (or any available bus) I decided to take the train to the ferry for the first time. There weren’t any seats on the boat so I sat in the stairwell. The line for the bus was longer than the line I left at 42nd, but when a bus finally showed up, we were all too happy to complain about being packed inside like clowns in a tiny car. I climbed up on a luggage rack and ate my chicken fingers. It wasn’t so bad.

There’s nothing ordinary about Manhattan and that’s what I admire most. That’s all for now.

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Episode 11


The commute got better now that I understand the timing of these buses. If I miss one, I get on the next one about 10 minutes later and still get to work almost 30 minutes early.

I was making my laps around midtown when I caught a selfie queen and had to capture the “selfie of a selfie.”

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Episode 1

The 6AM bus came at 6:23…

The new SIM10 stopped twenty-something times before it even caught a glimpse of the Verrazano bridge.

Once we began our slow merge onto the top level, a pitchy lady screamed from outside the bus. Before I could attempt to make out what she was saying through the muffled traffic, the bus driver yelled back, “I’m sick!” And sniffled for the 100th time. The mumbling of words happened again and he grunted “We’re at capacity!” He continued to make his way over to the left lane.

I didn’t hear the driver speak again for the rest of the trip.

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