Hot ‘N Ready

When down South, I was fit’na pull over when Krispy Kreme’sHot ‘N Ready sign was burning bright. I sho’ do love me some glazed donuts, ya’ll! Please believe I ate a strong six that night… no shame in my game!

Battle Of The Beaches

The first thing I had on my agenda while traveling to Virginia was to explore the beaches. Those of you who know me understand my obsession with the ocean. I couldn’t wait to throw on my bathing suit, apply thick layers of Banana Boat oil and lay out in the sun.

I went to two different beaches: Buckroe (in Hampton) & Virginia Beach (in well, you guessed it, Virginia Beach). Surprisingly, they were completely different from each other. I didn’t understand why I liked Buckroe over VA Beach until I started to take notice of the tiny details–I write EVERYTHING down!

We Can Drink, It’s Lit!

Misty Pikachu at the beach
We can drink!

You can drink and smoke in Virginia–and I still tried to hide it. New York and New Jersey have ruined it for me. So when the cashier in Virginia Beach told us to keep it in the bag or use a separate container, I was shocked. They just want you to be courteous of your neighbors and clean up after yourself.

The Sea Was Angry My Friend

Blastoise Hydro Pump
Virginia Beach didn’t hold anything back!

One beach had decided to be rude af. In VA Beach, I barely made it ankle-deep before I was assaulted by Blastoise and his Hydro Pump in battle–I didn’t even gain experience. Meanwhile, back in Buckroe I was able to float on my back and swim casually without losing a Poke-fight.

Blastoise, return!

Tentacool summoning his offspring.

There was a loophole though, I had a few run-ins with a certain creature with long tentacles and a squishy head. NO, Tentacool wasn’t in my beach area but his offspring were. Tiny globs of jellyfish somehow ended up in my hands. Unwilling to succumb to the cure for a jellyfish sting, I escaped the danger zone in a panic-stricken frenzy. My abrupt movements made some guy run away with me mumbling something under his breath. Nothing better than a flustered country accent, nothing!

The Party Starts At Night

Team Rocket Party
The party’s here!

The VA beach nightlife is pretty interesting. The street performers don’t ask for tips, (which is completely unlike the greedy street performers in NYC), and they are pretty imaginative.

I met a man riding an ostrich, a fortune teller who only answers one question, and a silvery tin-woman/robot impersonator all on the same strip.

Man on ostrich in Virginia Beach
Man walking his ostrich in VA Beach, no big deal.
Tin Woman in VA Beach
Silver/Tin/Robot woman in VA Beach, I think.

I was approached by a Virginian who reached out for a hug while shouting, “Oh it’s been so long! How you doin?” (Must read that with an accent.) I was throwing out my ice cream sample cup, (because Kohr Bros ice cream is ridiculously expensive–I kept asking for samples while walking the boardwalk), and I didn’t know what to say to the random hugger.


Naturally I hugged him back and told him he seemed well. His friends were intrigued with my willingness to play along and we laughed it off.

Now in Buckroe, there were no street performers, no random happy-go-lucky-huggers, or any realexcitement for that matter. The most action happened when a local track team practiced how to properly start a run while a summer school trip splashed in the water behind them.

Welcome to Buckroe Beach
Buckroe Beach

Eventually, we were all kicked out of the ocean because of a possible thunderstorm and that was when I realized just how many children were there. We left shortly after they took over the sand.


The moral of this post is to hit up the VA Beach if you want entertainment and you don’t mind sharing your tanning space with a gazillion other tourists. Or hope to the big G-O-D that summer camp hasn’t started yet and head over to Buckroe for a semi-relaxing, jellyfish-infested beach experience. I survived both so you can too!

Virginia Dinner & a Show

I googled “crab boil” in Virginia Beach and came across Shaking Crab, a seafood spot that gives you crab legs in a plastic bag filled with sultry spices and corn!

The prices are reasonable for tasty food with that southern charm. The walls are plastered with graffiti, tagged up by every past patron– you know I had to tag my name for the locals to keep up with me.

Tagging up their wall

The whole experience was great, except that their bibs were a bit complicated. I had two holes on either side and I thought it was for my arms so I wore mine like a vest. Luckily, my bestie was there to show me the proper way. It was my first time.

After the bib mishap, I was ready to dig into the flavorful goodness that was sitting in a bag before me. I put on some plastic gloves and began to crack those snow crab legs.

Oh my-lanta, it was like nothing I have ever tasted. Full of flavors like lemon pepper, garlic and other spices too complex for my dainty palette. I actually had to take a break.

The greatest moment was when the woman sitting next to us decided to ask what I ordered. I had to break my entire order down to her and she kept asking questions like I worked there. (That always happens. I swear I work everywhere!) But I enjoyed helping someone enjoy their food because I would definitely recommend my plate, (or “bag”), to anyone!!! After the woman asked for my expert advice, I noticed the hostess grab the cashier’s attention by holding out a flat hand and raising her fist over it. Her eyebrows were lifted and he jumped up eagerly and assumed the same position. Yes, you guessed it. They started to play rock, paper, scissors. Once she won, they returned to their posts like nothing happened. Confused, I asked why? They shrugged. That was all I needed. Once I finished what I could finish in my crab bag, I told my friend I was going to start up a game randomly and see what they do. Well, lucky for you I taped it.

Then I wrote that I beat her.

The Shaking Crab was definitely a great time starting with its flavors and the entertainment of rock, paper, scissors to writing my name on their wall.

And their toothpick dispenser is also adorable!

I want to thank the employees for a wonderful dining experience. I would definitely come back on my next trip to Virginia Beach!


❤️ SamWriteNow


During my trip I caught some interesting candid moments.

Joseph thought he was slick cleaning his sandy shoe with a foot stool in an empty aisle at the dollar store.

Shadonna thought she was safe in the car while we hit up a vape store.

Even the military guys thought they were incognito.

Joseph was trying to hide out in the dressing room.

Caught him twitching.

And then an innocent beach goer in a hole.

Stay tuned for more #CandidShots

❤️ SamWriteNow<<

Pack Light, Yeah Right!

I’m obsessed with exploring new places and in honor of my roadtrip from NY to VA, I wanted to write about the annoyances of attempting to pack.

We all love going away but who really enjoys the packing process? I mean, packing is definitely better than unpacking but it’s still a pain

They say to only pack outfits for each day you’ll be away, but let’s be serious–that doesn’t work. The key is to have a ratio of bottoms to tops. For every day you’re away you should stash away one pair of bottoms to roughly three tops. It’s genius. How do we get ready at home for a regular non-vacation day? Options, that’s how! So why would you create a stressful trip by killing your ability to ensemble your day properly?

For my first ever real roadtrip I can’t help but get excited for the simple fact that I can stop at any moment to explore. You can’t do that on an airplane (even though I absolutely love flying). I mapped out my route and took time to find interesting places to stop for photo ops and leg-stretching breaks. With the help of friends and google maps, halfway through the trip I’m going to be enjoying the streets of Inner City, Maryland. I’ll definitely need an extra outfit or two for that!

Oh and the snacks for the ride… can’t forget those!

I spent the day at the mall getting last minute shorts and tops (have to build up that ratio) and I am happy to say that many coupons were involved. I saved 15% on my total order at H&M just for recycling an old piece of clothing, 20% off of a pair of shorts for giving them my email address, and another 30% off of my clearance top from their website. There is a way to shop frugally and I have #NailedIt *snaps for me* I saved money while packing for this trip.

All-in-all, pack appropriately! Make a list if it helps. In the end, you will still manage to forget at least ONE thing…

❤SamWriteNow 20170717_045512.jpg