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Vegas: Day One with Mr Carter

Everything was going well until we fell asleep. A 6:20AM flight to Vegas sounded like a great idea–stay up all night, sleep on the plane, and start our vacation super early! I should’ve never let us get comfortable at 2AM… We spent more time on the shuttle bus than we spent driving to Newark. We…

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NYC Pride 2017

As I countdown the days to this year’s NYC Pride, I keep replaying last year’s LIT parade. We met some cool people: And witnessed some interesting dance moves: These fine folk even watched our stoop while we went to find some nearby food: The rest is still a little foggy, but the recap is just…

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  This world is too beautiful to sit back and not look. I try to enjoy the world I live in as best I can. From the colorful sunsets, to the rhythmic ocean waves, this world is beautiful. The ocean has always been a safe place for me to feel my best and I try to go…

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