Episode 11


The commute got better now that I understand the timing of these buses. If I miss one, I get on the next one about 10 minutes later and still get to work almost 30 minutes early.

I was making my laps around midtown when I caught a selfie queen and had to capture the “selfie of a selfie.”

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Episode 10

Happy Friday! I made two weeks in the city and I’m so excited!

It was an eventful day, so here’s a solid recap:

My mom came to work with me today. She decided to work out of the beautiful Manhattan office and see how “the squad” was adjusting to our new roles.

We caught the SIM22 and walked down to the building. I wanted her to get the full city experience like I had.

We stopped for breakfast and did the tour of the area. She loved it. (Obvi!)


I took her down to Moe’s in the underground. And if anyone knows what that is like during the afternoon, you’ll understand just how this next scene unfolded:

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Episode 9

TGI-Almost Friday!

Last night I went to Dave & Busters with Mr. Carter for his friend’s birthday. I got chicken & waffle sliders (with bacon) and it was like nothing I’ve ever tasted before–I would definitely go back just to order them again. (Everyone knows how I feel about waffles.)

And today:

A little different adventure as my boyfriend drove in with me, (he was working near me for the day), and I got to experience the real-deal traffic outside the bus lane.

My commute with Mr. Carter was well-worth the slight traffic. The SI Expressway wasn’t as bad as it could’ve been and once we got to the bridge, I was able to capture some really nice pictures.

I absolutely love bridges!

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Episode 8

The ride was great, SIM22 at 6:30 and I was first on line!

Oh and remember the guy who raced me to the bus stop? Well I saw him walking, but I was already first in line!

I got a perfect front window seat and didn’t mind when the woman next to me shut her air vent, or elbowed me a few times–I had a window seat dammit!

The sun was rising and I caught the whole thing!

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Episode 7

Tuesday morning. I hopped on the SIM8 and it honestly was a decent ride. The fare machine was broken but that doesn’t do anything for me–I buy unlimited weekly metro cards–but the bus was grateful (and packed).

The girl in the front row had her bag in the aisle seat. What did I say about the rules?! I asked her to kindly move her bag and I took the last available seat.

The driver continued to pull over at the last few stops with crowds of people. He opened the door, told them the bus is full, closed the door and drove off. SAVAGE!

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Episode 6

I made it to my stop in time for a good spot on the line. The dark blotchy sky was still beautiful.

I checked my Bus Time app at 6:20 and there were no buses listed for the SIM22. Did I miss something? I was about to cross the lot to another stop when a bus rolled up. No name, just “Not in Service” flashing as the door opened. I checked the bus stop again for another SIM bus but there was only one. Oh well. I refreshed the app and it still didn’t show the 22. I guess because he wasn’t in service. (He never turned the sign over and I got a row all to myself.) He was late though. Should’ve been on the bus by 6:13 but I’ll let it pass.

7:14 Yeah, about letting it pass…

So we come to an absolute stop. I hear something over the loud speaker so I mute Weezy’s Carter V album and hear:

“All Jersey buses headed to Lincoln Tunnel, do not use expedited bus lane. I repeat, do not use expedited bus lane. Use regular lanes for Lincoln Tunnel, headed toward NYC.”

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Episode 5

Friday marked my first official work week in the city. I knew which bus route to get me in early (SIM22) and which to get me home in decent time (SIM10 or 30)

I learned never to travel up to 42nd to catch a bus to Staten Island.

And yes, I still love commuting to Manhattan everyday. The scenery is exciting, here’s a recap:

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