Episode 16

Another week, another series of interesting events.

Dave & Buster’s

The pen to my paper (Shadonna) left me Tuesday, so we celebrated our last night with food, drinks and video games!

SamWriteNow & Juggling

I’m learning a few new tricks. This is my last week juggling with my friends (they extended their original date) so I had to step my game up a bit.

First snow in the city!

The city was a disaster this past Thursday and even though it took me over 5 hours to get home, I kind of enjoyed the experience. I’m learning to live in the moment and push through the worst. After waiting over 50 minutes for my SIM22 (or any available bus) I decided to take the train to the ferry for the first time. There weren’t any seats on the boat so I sat in the stairwell. The line for the bus was longer than the line I left at 42nd, but when a bus finally showed up, we were all too happy to complain about being packed inside like clowns in a tiny car. I climbed up on a luggage rack and ate my chicken fingers. It wasn’t so bad.

There’s nothing ordinary about Manhattan and that’s what I admire most. That’s all for now.

Check back for more SamWriteNow!

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