Episode 13

I can’t help but think back at this past month and where I am. I know I’m not perfectly put together, but I’ve come so far. Literally! I travel over two hours everyday and have no complaints other than wanting more SIM22’s for the ride home.

It has always been a dream to work in the city and it finally came true! In the past, I’ve had people actually put me down at work for my enthusiasm, my bubbly personality, and my desire to succeed.

“She’s too nice. She sings. She dances. She’s coming and you have no idea what she’s like.”

Yes, these things are all true!

I believe in having fun at work because it’s necessary. If the work gets done, it shouldn’t matter if I giggle throughout the day or celebrate my happiness.

Well, that’s what runs through my mind when I juggle on my lunch break – all the negative people who have put me down for enjoying my job.

Being a positive person is something I have been working on for many years and I can honestly say that I’ve finally found a job that accepts me for who I am. I’m sorry– I’ve finally found a career!

So for those who doubted me because of the gossip others had force-fed you, please enjoy my journey! It has only just begun!

Now let’s get back to my interesting week in the city:

“Monday, Monday…”

There’s nothing like a free meal in Manhattan.

Monday Juggle Session

Tuesday Juggle Session

I had a celebratory graduation breakfast with the CEO & President of my bank! (Picture to come soon) I love my job!

Luckily I wasn’t in the city with all those bomb scares…

Instead, I got to reunite with my training squad! And yes, we are like a big family!


A swarm of flashing vehicles crossed 8th Ave as I got off the train, which I later found out to be another “package.” Too stressful for me.

I worked for a few hours straight and when I looked at the time, it was almost 1:30! 🕜

Thursday Juggle Session

I saw a bunch of camouflage-wearing military people coming up from the subway stations. They were calm so I asked if everything was okay and they replied that I was safe. It was probably just protocol.

I went back inside and finished working.


I’ve never seen the sky so beautiful, and I’ve seen the sickest sunrises these past few weeks.

It was so peaceful; the driver shut off every stupid announcement that irritated the zen of the bus. 🙌🏼

Every so often, the whistling driver serenaded us. It was still relaxing until someone had their creepy music a little too loud. And let’s not forget the throat clearing of my seat mate every two minutes. This guy typed a whole email – paragraphs – with just one thumb. Crazy!

“Good morning ladies and gentlemen, happy Friday. Enjoy yourselves. Next stop, 42nd & 8th.”

The thumb-texter tapped me while waving $7. I had to shut my music off so he could buy a swipe of my metro card. And I let him, because I’m a good person!

McDonald’s is slacking with their toys. Remember when they had like beanie babies?

Friday Juggle Session

Another wonderful workweek down. My juggle coach is leaving my job site soon. I told him he has to teach me to juggle 5 ASAP!

Jeff said it takes a lot of practice, but he did show me how to prepare myself. Well, here it is:

Stay safe and keep up with SamWriteNow & the City!

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