Episode 11


The commute got better now that I understand the timing of these buses. If I miss one, I get on the next one about 10 minutes later and still get to work almost 30 minutes early.

I was making my laps around midtown when I caught a selfie queen and had to capture the “selfie of a selfie.”

The trip back was spent asleep. Yes, I am finally an express bus taker. I kept my eyes closed the whole way home and it was simply amazing. Plus my neck has been stiff the last few days so I actually found a position that didn’t make me cry and it was perfect, for a bus.


I bought Icy Hot patches for my neck and had to put one on at the bus stop.

I have been listening to Lil Wayne’s Tha Carter V since it dropped last week and it’s still as good as the first time I played it. I just almost forgot about my other favorite rapper, Eminem. His album came out a while ago and I haven’t given it the right amount of time.

Well, this week will be for Eminem and so far, Kamikaze is a win and my favorite track has to be “The Ringer” which screams classic Shady.

I had a thought:

Do all top rappers have more than two names?

Eminem, Slim Shady, Marshall Mathers

Lil Wayne, Weezy, Wayne Carter, Tunechi

Jay-Z, Sean Carter, Hova

Just a random Wednesday thought. Makes me wonder what my three names will be when I drop my first album.

Why must people press the button while we are in the tunnel still? Like we made it maybe halfway through and still have a whole 5 minute drive after, and you want to let the driver know he has to stop in 8 minutes? And now I have to stare at that red light for those 8 minutes? Yeah, thanks, Janet!

Everyday I walk past a bakery at the bus depot and today I stopped.

I didn’t think it was open, but it is Manhattan. I got a carrot cake slice for later.

A girl in the elevator had my shirt on, like the same shirt I was wearing, color and all! I didn’t say anything, but she knew. #Awkward

On a brighter note, I got a free iced coffee! My points built up over the last few months and BAM I got my Starbucks double-shot over ice.

I got a Happy Meal (and was laughed at by me team. For $4, it was money well spent, but don’t ask what kind of toy I got because I still have no clue what it is.

And then there was 42nd street. My neck was better, and I spent the ride home with the lingering scent of Icy Hot.

I got home and enjoyed the hell out of my carrot cake!


I started listening to The Daily on the PodCast app and I think I’m putting music to the side for the rest of the week. I’m listening to the Kavanaugh/Blasey Ford case and Trump’s stupid words. It’s helpful to stay informed because I don’t think opinions matter unless they are thoughtfully presented.

So the bus ride was normal up until the left turn he made after the tunnel. I thought he was going left to cut off the traffic since we were supposed to go straight up to 42nd. Well we ended up in the bus terminal, you know, Port Authority.

He said it was his first day. Lol. So this new New Yorker had to give the bus driver directions back to 42nd St. Between me and my seat mate, and after half the bus got out in the depot, we made it back down to 8th Ave & 42nd St.

And I’m still early for work.

Never a dull moment in NYC!

I had to put another neck patch on, the pain came back and I blame the memory foam mattress I have.

I finished my news podcast and switched over to a show I had favorited a few weeks ago as a reminder to check it out. Well, glad I did. 2 Dope Queens is pretty funny. It’s like Broad City (TV show on Comedy Central) but as a radio show.

I handed in my 2nd draft (this is a semi-long process) and couldn’t be more proud of myself!

Oh and let’s not forget the startling announcement over the loudspeaker at work. I didn’t even know we had loudspeakers. Like does the entire building get the same speech? I thought it was a fire drill. And then it hit me, loudspeakers and alarming sounds in NYC can only mean one thing: panic.

Rest assured, the alarm was corroborated (a word used far too much these past few weeks on my PodCast app) and it was back to normal.

Still scary!

It was time to leave and the rain came. I love how rain thought it would stop me from my walk up 8th Ave, but it didn’t! I only got a little wet with my $3 Ikea umbrella, and only hit a few people in the streets.

Got to bowling on time but we couldn’t find my bowling balls. I didn’t remember taking them home, my brother didn’t have them and it was like 5 minutes left before practice started.

Oddly enough, they were still at the lanes from last week.

Only me.

Goodnight. 😴

Happy Friday!!!!

I hit the snooze three (or four) times this morning. I got on the 7:00 bus and still made it to work before 8:00.

The driver was very polite with his loose “Good-mornings” and when we pulled up to the last stop before the Goethals bridge, he kept opening the door for the stragglers running for the bus stop. When he closed the door, he stared in the side view mirror long and hard, nearly tumbling over his chair. Then the bus would exhale and the doors would open again for another runner.

None of the other bus drivers did that! It was a big step-up from the last driver who didn’t know how to get from the tunnel to 42nd street.

The worst part of the express bus isn’t the commuting part, it’s the seats. They have to figure something out there. The seats are curved for “ergonomic” support but it just feels like someone bent an ironing board and wedged it to my back. I tried turning sideways but nudged Ethel by accident. She didn’t say anything. I didn’t either. She grabbed her phone and plugged in her headphones.

I sat uncomfortably with 2 Dope Queens in my ears as we sailed through the tunnel.

The building is swaying and it is beyond noticeable!

The entire morning was brought to me by the grinding of steel and metal behind the walls. It wasn’t like once or twice. It wasn’t sporadic at all – it was rhythmic and continuous.

Two melodic sounds, like the ocean creeping up to the shoreline and trickling back to the deep.

Back and forth.

Back and forth.

I walked over to the window and stood still to try and feel the swaying, and figure out if maybe it was all in my head. I closed my eyes and couldn’t decide if I was tipping from side to side, or if my tired feet were finally giving up on me. The view was good enough to make me relax a little.

My bus was delayed and it didn’t even show up on my app.

Cop cars flying down 42nd.

Police on horses going down 8th.

What a sight!

More cops.

More sirens.

Flashing lights and bumper-to-bumper traffic.

I sat and waited – 25 minutes go by and the SIM22 showed up. I jumped up to get to the door, I was first again, and someone wanted to walk past me.

She actually said, “Excuse me, asshole!” And continued down the block with her backpack and frizzy hair.

I reacted with an automatic, “Whoa!”

I must be a New Yorker now!

Enjoy the NYC entertainment & check back next week for more

SamWriteNow & the City!

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