Episode 10

Happy Friday! I made two weeks in the city and I’m so excited!

It was an eventful day, so here’s a solid recap:

My mom came to work with me today. She decided to work out of the beautiful Manhattan office and see how “the squad” was adjusting to our new roles.

We caught the SIM22 and walked down to the building. I wanted her to get the full city experience like I had.

We stopped for breakfast and did the tour of the area. She loved it. (Obvi!)


I took her down to Moe’s in the underground. And if anyone knows what that is like during the afternoon, you’ll understand just how this next scene unfolded:

She makes me order first.

Me: “Wrong Doug with pork.”

Guy: “Rice?”

Me: “A little. No beans. Queso. Guac.”

Guy: “It’s extra.”

Me: “I know.”

He slid it down to the next guy.

Me: “Cilantro.”

Guy: “What else?”

Me: “Lettuce. That’s it.”

My mom was next. I said she wants the same thing.

My mom: “I want beans on mine.”

Guy: “What else?”

My mom: “Pork.”

Guy: “What else?”

She tried to keep up with his quick responses. Finally, he put it next to mine on the grill.

My mom: “I forgot cilantro.”

The guy moved on to the next customer. I was at the register. Two ladies asked me where the line started. I point to the other side. The girl asked me if it was for here or to go. I said to go.

My mom: “Oh man, if I would’ve had time, I would’ve put other things on it.”

She slid closer to me and whispered that she wasn’t ready and didn’t get cilantro or salsa.

I asked the girl for a cup of corn salsa and cilantro on the side.

It’s extra.

It’s a small space underground.

We pay and walk out.

My mom bursts out laughing.

My mom: “Oh my god, that was so fast! I can exhale!”

Me: (laughing) “Yeah, it’s lunchtime, it gets busy.”

My mom: (still laughing) “I didn’t get a drink.” (Harder laughter)

Me: (hysterical laughing) “We can grab a drink upstairs where it’s more calm.”

We sat outside in the famous courtyard. I said hello to Jeff, my trainer, and moved a box of checkers off the table.

She loved the Wrong Doug btw.

I had to show her my skills with the juggling and jumped up to the green platform.

Jeff walked up to me mid-juggle and attempted to take them from me. I didn’t understand what he was doing so I started again, and he did it again.

He explained the “passing” technique and here it goes:

I took me new skill back to the office and saw a huge crate with three thick files left by my cubicle. No note. No email. Nothing. I thought someone had forgotten it or it was misplaced.

No, the three-10-inch packets belonged to me. That was my new deal to work on. Happy Friday!

The rest of the day flew by and after work we walked around looking for my squad.

We came across a saxophone street performer and stopped to enjoy the smoooooooth sounds of Whitney Houston. I asked him to play Tupac after he finished but he didn’t know any.

We had a celebratory drink together (the squad-and my mom) before heading back to 42nd.

Stay tuned for more

SamWriteNow & the City!

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