Episode 9

TGI-Almost Friday!

Last night I went to Dave & Busters with Mr. Carter for his friend’s birthday. I got chicken & waffle sliders (with bacon) and it was like nothing I’ve ever tasted before–I would definitely go back just to order them again. (Everyone knows how I feel about waffles.)

And today:

A little different adventure as my boyfriend drove in with me, (he was working near me for the day), and I got to experience the real-deal traffic outside the bus lane.

My commute with Mr. Carter was well-worth the slight traffic. The SI Expressway wasn’t as bad as it could’ve been and once we got to the bridge, I was able to capture some really nice pictures.

I absolutely love bridges!

Even the BQE surprised me. Not much traffic at all. Seriously, I was shocked!

I actually had the chance to enjoy coffee on the ride, (I hate having to hold a cup on the bus-so I usually wait until I get to the office for that first sip of Colombian roast and hazelnut creamer).

Later on.

I just about finished my first work assignment!

What did I decide to do?

Take a break!

I jumped in the first elevator that opened and was greeted by a woman applying lipstick. She immediately complimented my outfit choice:

“I’ve always loved the colors navy blue and black.”

I thanked her and explained how important it is to enjoy what you wear. She agreed as she showed off her yellow patterned scarf that fell loosely over her beige dress.

I told her about yesterday’s wardrobe choice of a hunter green skirt and a light pink top with black polka-dots, (I referred to it as strawberry-inspired).

She appreciated my attempts and then the elevator hit the ground floor.

1:10 and I made my first lap around the block.

I didn’t juggle today (I know, surprising, right?) but I did walk a few laps.

I got nuggets and Mc Donald’s, the woman rung me up wearing a masquerade mask. I didn’t think too much into it, I am in the city.


It’s a pretty big deal… my job requires reports of 17+ pages (depending on the deal).

I walked into my boss’s office and held the packet over my head like I was introducing baby Simba to the world while I hummed a cheerful melody.

That led up to my epic exit toward 42nd street. I walked again, and just as it began to drizzle, I was at my stop. But I did catch another random costume on my way. I definitely feel like something’s up.

I found a seat on the bus, midway back, and the woman in the front had moved to the back so I jumped to the front row. She came back a few minutes after and excused herself. She had to answer a phone call and didn’t want to disrupt the entire bus. How nice! I don’t mind sharing the row with her.

I saw a man dressed as Joker from Batman by the entrance of the Lincoln tunnel and once I saw the bus driver smile, I knew I wasn’t seeing things. He laughed and said we were by the Jacob Javits Center. Well, that explains it. I thought it was a new holiday.

Made it to the Goethals Bridge.

It’s time to bowl.

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