Episode 8

The ride was great, SIM22 at 6:30 and I was first on line!

Oh and remember the guy who raced me to the bus stop? Well I saw him walking, but I was already first in line!

I got a perfect front window seat and didn’t mind when the woman next to me shut her air vent, or elbowed me a few times–I had a window seat dammit!

The sun was rising and I caught the whole thing!

When we rolled up to 42nd, I decided 7:15 was early enough to try out walking to work. It wasn’t bad at all! I still stopped at CVS for a morning smoothie and oatmeal.

At 1:10 I decided to go for my lunch stroll around the block a few times. There’s a smoothie vendor with fresh fruit (I watched him peel and blend my pineapple, banana, mango drink) and it was delicious! I continued my laps and ended up juggling with Jeff and some other stragglers.

Walked up to 42nd and found it easier than taking the train and getting lost in the exits.

I made a friend, a woman complaining about the crowded streets. She wasn’t from here. (Can you believe I can say that now?) She’s here from Syracuse for a job. She said it’s too expensive (duh) and I told her to get street food. You know what I mean, like a knish or something. Too late, she was leaving soon.

I just didn’t want anyone shitting on my city! Im such a ride or die chick!

The SIM22 finally decided to show up after waiting for 15 minutes. (I was first again.)

And what’s a better ending to my commute than a sunset?

And i caught it setting right behind my favorite part of the NJ Turnpike, the airport! #Perfect

Stay tuned for more

SamWriteNow & the City!

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