Episode 6

I made it to my stop in time for a good spot on the line. The dark blotchy sky was still beautiful.

I checked my Bus Time app at 6:20 and there were no buses listed for the SIM22. Did I miss something? I was about to cross the lot to another stop when a bus rolled up. No name, just “Not in Service” flashing as the door opened. I checked the bus stop again for another SIM bus but there was only one. Oh well. I refreshed the app and it still didn’t show the 22. I guess because he wasn’t in service. (He never turned the sign over and I got a row all to myself.) He was late though. Should’ve been on the bus by 6:13 but I’ll let it pass.

7:14 Yeah, about letting it pass…

So we come to an absolute stop. I hear something over the loud speaker so I mute Weezy’s Carter V album and hear:

“All Jersey buses headed to Lincoln Tunnel, do not use expedited bus lane. I repeat, do not use expedited bus lane. Use regular lanes for Lincoln Tunnel, headed toward NYC.”

Well, damn.

7:57 Female dispatcher voice sighs:

“Okay, here’s the deal. Buses in the expedited lane, the cops will guide you out and get you past some of that traffic.”

Damn. The city life is spontaneous af–and this is why I carry snacks around!

8:34 We are moving!

9:11 Crossed into Manhattan. That was ridiculous.

9:17 and I’m on the C train.

9:20 and I’m at work.

Needless to say, I went straight to work. And when lunch time came around, I was out in the courtyard for my juggling time.

No video, but started to practice walking forward while juggling three balls. Not that bad but I also have to work on keeping my hands low.

6:32 Left work and found a bunch of cops out front. One had a dog sniffing the area. Only in NYC! I tried to get a video and caught the dog taking a deuce instead.

I almost took the SIM 22 going home and remembered the awful morning sitting in the tunnel. SIM 10 here I come!

Stay tuned for more

SamWriteNow & the City

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