Episode 5

Friday marked my first official work week in the city. I knew which bus route to get me in early (SIM22) and which to get me home in decent time (SIM10 or 30)

I learned never to travel up to 42nd to catch a bus to Staten Island.

And yes, I still love commuting to Manhattan everyday. The scenery is exciting, here’s a recap:

For a girl who never saw herself traveling alone to Manhattan, I survived my first five days. I explored my new neighborhood, took different trains and buses, made some friends and learned how to juggle!

I can’t wait to see what next week has in store for me!

I’ll keep up weekly going forward.

Stay tuned for more

SamWriteNow & the City

2 thoughts on “Episode 5

  1. So proud of you. Lifestyle a juggle. We just need to know what works best for us. Jus because we dont master the art right away, doesnt mean we cant have fun. Even looking forward to picking up and dropping again.

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