Episode 4

Do people actually smell themselves before leaving for work in the morning?

I was headed toward the bus stop for the SIM22 and some guy trailed me. He power walked from far behind and then appeared in front of me.

Is he kidding?

I looked at the long line we were headed for and this crazy man legit jumped up to the sidewalk in his grey suit like it was a race. I casually stepped onto the sidewalk, glanced in his direction and took my spot in line, right next to him.

What The hell did I just witness so early in the morning? The sun wasn’t even up yet.

Guess who got a seat on the bus? Me!

And guess who was sitting in the same spot as the last SIM22 bus I took? Greta!

I didn’t sit with her.

I sat a few rows back, with headphones and a seat right behind the “bus-stop stunt man.”

His cologne was awful. Now it makes sense. He ran in a suit. 🤦‍♀️

At least the views were peaceful.

Sunrise @ NJ Turnpike

The ride was quick. All that typing and I saw 42nd already. It’s 7am. Now what?

Browsed some stores to find a set of juggling somethings. I found stress balls for 2 bucks and felt so excited to start practicing. I’m hooked on juggling!

It was still too early for work, so I sat outside and watched a pigeon walk down a few stairs. Like not fly down, but walk down.

And when did they get noses? They have some nostril looking thing on their beaks.


Something a bit more interesting happened–besides being able to navigate the subway system semi-comfortably.

This “new” New Yorker was asked for directions IN SPANISH. And I tried so hard to understand her. She spoke fast and I asked her to spell it out in Spanish, (thanks to the recent practice with my niece and mother).

Would you believe it worked? She wanted the CUNY school nearby and I helped her, not only by using my Spanish alphabet skills, but my newfound knowledge of my city!

And if that wasn’t enough, I was sincerely complimented by a woman passing by:

“You look so pretty, you should’ve been a model.”

If she only knew I was better than that, a Staten Island baby who made her way to a brand new world. And I can juggle!

Speaking of, my break was spent back at it with my skills.

Evidently, Jeff emembered me. He also said I picked it up very fast. I practiced a bit and asked about the mini bats he had on the floor. He told me that they were for advanced jugglers, like if I could catch 25 times, I would have the ability to do the bat juggle. I asked if I could try. Well, oddly enough, I did a halfway decent job!

Check out my bat juggle here!

There’s a guy who owns the convenience store in my building. He refers to me as Staten Island and once he let me slide when I didn’t have enough cash for my breakfast. I’m a “regular.”

I missed my bus going home, not because I was late, because the bus was packed. I hadn’t thought it out. I waited at the wrong stop–it was the last stop before going through the tunnel. 🤦‍♀️

Note to self: Take the SIM10 or any bus that goes through Brooklyn when going home.

Until next time!

3 thoughts on “Episode 4

  1. Hey Sam,
    I’ve been enjoying your writing. Keep up the good. I’ve been retweeting you. I hope it helps with getting people to read your blog. Anyway keep up the good work!!!

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