Vegas: Day One with Mr Carter

Everything was going well until we fell asleep. A 6:20AM flight to Vegas sounded like a great idea–stay up all night, sleep on the plane, and start our vacation super early!

I should’ve never let us get comfortable at 2AM…

We spent more time on the shuttle bus than we spent driving to Newark. We got there by 5:45 and they bumped us up to the next flight. The sad part: we weren’t able to get seats together! Anyone who knows our sweet, romantical relationship would know this: he didn’t mind so much. He was more concerned about where his “middle-seat-having-but” would store his kneecaps. I tried to make deals with our seat-mates but they weren’t having it, so I spent the entire flight peaking over my shoulder to the tallest, sexiest, man on the plane and blowing kisses like Fabrizio saying goodbye when the Titanic started to disembark. “I’m-a-never-a-gonna-forget-youuuu!”

On a more interesting note:

1. The airport reeked of black pepper. Like the entire time we walked and walked and walked, every gate was smothered in pepper. Still unsure how I feel about that.

2. There are no more moving walkways. I REPEAT–NO MORE MOVING WALKWAYS!!! Mr Carter said they took them out and threw down alcohol establishments instead. So now when you stop to get smacked before your flight, you won’t have that extra help to slide you closer to your gate. SMH this was a huge loss for travelers of Newark International Airport. (Maybe it was just Terminal B)

3. The airport has a breastfeeding/pumping station. I guess the airport is #ProPumping so that sort of makes up for the lack of speed-walking ability. Sort of.

4. We made friends with a fellow phone-charging-outlet-hog. Manpreet was an incomer from Virginia and all I know is that she came at me a little hard, “You guys from Nooo Yawkk?” But I think it was just her Southern accent that got me. She was pretty cool–she said we reminded her of her friends. We must put on quite the show to others. My Mr Carter makes every moment awkwardly perfect and 9 times out of 10, we are laughing hysterically. Like who wouldn’t want to be around us?

5. I was wedged between an eye-masked chick who slept for a few hours, and a much older man who had arm spasms the whole flight.

Moral of the story?


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