Car Karaoke

So, my dad bought me a Christmas gift and it served an interesting purpose. A rearview mirror that has a camera attached, a clear video shown on the mirror itself, a 32GB memory card and a USB stick to upload the video on the computer. I was confused but after he set the entire device up in my truck I saw the video and the swivel camera that sat below the mirror. He continued to throw out words like “accident” and “if you get pulled over” and I sat there while some pretty cool ideas filled my head. All I could think of was my blog. I said, “this is perfect!” And it was.

I picked up my niece Savannah, (also goes by Little, Girl, and Savalavadingdong. I will refer to her as one of these names throughout my blog.) I couldn’t wait to test out this snazzy gadget for the first time. Knowing how passionate she is about singing and being in the limelight, I knew she would be amazed just as I was.

It’s time to finally meet my talented singer, writer, and overly-dramatic little. My Savalavadingdong. I hope you enjoy our car duet and please don’t mind the date at the bottom. It was recorded Saturday, February 10th, 2018 but I don’t know how to change that setting just yet. I should’ve read the instructions like my dad had said over, and over… and over.

“Why watch later, when you can watch SAMWRITENOW?”

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