This world is too beautiful to sit back and not look.

I try to enjoy the world I live in as best I can. From the colorful sunsets, to the rhythmic ocean waves, this world is beautiful. The ocean has always been a safe place for me to feel my best and I try to go to the beach as much as I possibly can. There’s something about the breeze, swirling the smell of sun-tan lotion and sea-salt around while the water sways back and forth, back and forth, in a rhythm that can never be duplicated. It’s perfect.

The stars have always fascinated me, all spread out across the sky like glistening lights. And when the moon sits close enough to nearly grab, I get such a rush of emotions. Yeah, I’m sensitive to nature and energies, I am a Cancer. It’s not a bad thing. I guess I just love the feeling of having a place of my own, while I share this huge world with way too many people. When I look up to the sky or out across the ocean, I am lost within something so vast, but at the same time I feel safe. It’s magical.

Introduce and re-introduce yourself to the beautiful world that surrounds you.

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