Virginia Dinner & a Show

I googled “crab boil” in Virginia Beach and came across Shaking Crab, a seafood spot that gives you crab legs in a plastic bag filled with sultry spices and corn!

The prices are reasonable for tasty food with that southern charm. The walls are plastered with graffiti, tagged up by every past patron– you know I had to tag my name for the locals to keep up with me.

Tagging up their wall

The whole experience was great, except that their bibs were a bit complicated. I had two holes on either side and I thought it was for my arms so I wore mine like a vest. Luckily, my bestie was there to show me the proper way. It was my first time.

After the bib mishap, I was ready to dig into the flavorful goodness that was sitting in a bag before me. I put on some plastic gloves and began to crack those snow crab legs.

Oh my-lanta, it was like nothing I have ever tasted. Full of flavors like lemon pepper, garlic and other spices too complex for my dainty palette. I actually had to take a break.

The greatest moment was when the woman sitting next to us decided to ask what I ordered. I had to break my entire order down to her and she kept asking questions like I worked there. (That always happens. I swear I work everywhere!) But I enjoyed helping someone enjoy their food because I would definitely recommend my plate, (or “bag”), to anyone!!! After the woman asked for my expert advice, I noticed the hostess grab the cashier’s attention by holding out a flat hand and raising her fist over it. Her eyebrows were lifted and he jumped up eagerly and assumed the same position. Yes, you guessed it. They started to play rock, paper, scissors. Once she won, they returned to their posts like nothing happened. Confused, I asked why? They shrugged. That was all I needed. Once I finished what I could finish in my crab bag, I told my friend I was going to start up a game randomly and see what they do. Well, lucky for you I taped it.

Then I wrote that I beat her.

The Shaking Crab was definitely a great time starting with its flavors and the entertainment of rock, paper, scissors to writing my name on their wall.

And their toothpick dispenser is also adorable!

I want to thank the employees for a wonderful dining experience. I would definitely come back on my next trip to Virginia Beach!


❤️ SamWriteNow

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