Pack Light, Yeah Right!

I’m obsessed with exploring new places and in honor of my roadtrip from NY to VA, I wanted to write about the annoyances of attempting to pack.

We all love going away but who really enjoys the packing process? I mean, packing is definitely better than unpacking but it’s still a pain

They say to only pack outfits for each day you’ll be away, but let’s be serious–that doesn’t work. The key is to have a ratio of bottoms to tops. For every day you’re away you should stash away one pair of bottoms to roughly three tops. It’s genius. How do we get ready at home for a regular non-vacation day? Options, that’s how! So why would you create a stressful trip by killing your ability to ensemble your day properly?

For my first ever real roadtrip I can’t help but get excited for the simple fact that I can stop at any moment to explore. You can’t do that on an airplane (even though I absolutely love flying). I mapped out my route and took time to find interesting places to stop for photo ops and leg-stretching breaks. With the help of friends and google maps, halfway through the trip I’m going to be enjoying the streets of Inner City, Maryland. I’ll definitely need an extra outfit or two for that!

Oh and the snacks for the ride… can’t forget those!

I spent the day at the mall getting last minute shorts and tops (have to build up that ratio) and I am happy to say that many coupons were involved. I saved 15% on my total order at H&M just for recycling an old piece of clothing, 20% off of a pair of shorts for giving them my email address, and another 30% off of my clearance top from their website. There is a way to shop frugally and I have #NailedIt *snaps for me* I saved money while packing for this trip.

All-in-all, pack appropriately! Make a list if it helps. In the end, you will still manage to forget at least ONE thing…

❤SamWriteNow 20170717_045512.jpg

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