The True Price of a Dime

I don’t know about you but I know I have an angel watching over me. Yeah I know I’m not the religious type but after what I’ve been through these past few months’s enough to know I have my papa with me. Forever. No matter what. It all started with stress and a couple of dimes.. That’s really all it took honestly. Those dimes are symbols of someone from the other side sending you a message. And I’ve been receiving plenty, super randomly. I never carry change-I’m the one that swipes everything from bottled water to chocolate. And when I was doing my laundry, I looked down into the washing machine and there’s that shiny silver dime staring back at me. I said thank you and took it.

My first day in a new branch, in a new location, I was so nervous and while getting ready to start day one of a new adventure, I looked down and there, by the tip of my shoe, glistening in the encouraging light, was a dime.. I said thank you and put it in my pocket.

Leaving that day I went to pick up some food and after ordering the most random foods off the menu, the cashier hands me back my change..a few singles and 2 dimes. Ok. I got excited and went straight to Payless to pick up a pair of shoes for work. Ended up finding 2 pairs I liked, at random prices. Something like 24.97 and 19.78 I’m talking weird prices. I get my change and boom another 2 dimes. I guess papa liked the shoes lol

Things like this happen everyday…you can ask my mom or my boyfriend because they see the pictures and hear the stories constantly.

But, honestly, after all of those instances back to back to back to back, I still didn’t feel as impacted as I was about to feel..

Last night I go shopping for Christmas and I was only planning to hit one store for one specific reason. But right next door was another store that could help me find the last gift I needed. Should I go? Eh I should quit while I still have money. Oh it’s right next door…so I went and this store was huge-I mean 2 main doors on each side of the parking lot..I’m only used to one main set of sliding doors for this store. So I parked in the middle of the 2 sets of doors and I did that weird thing-where we estimate how long it will take us to get to each door, and I decided on the right door. On my way inside, this little girl wearing a pink coat was holding the door for everyone and when three guys before me tried to hold it for her, we all said thank you and smiled while she stayed holding it. Her mom yelled out from steps away that she was in the Christmas spirit. We laughed and walked through the doors. I was about 5 or 6 steps away and I felt a tap on my right side..I stopped and turned to this 3 foot, blonde girl that couldn’t be more than 5 years old, and she said, “wait”-
She opened her tiny hand to show me what she had in her palm..and the words escaped her smiling face, “it’s for you”. I swear I’m crying again as I type this. I looked down at her open hand and the water built up in my eyes and I could only get out a sincere “thank you” behind some light whimpering. She placed the dime inside my hand and I turned away to run to the back of the store and bawl like a big baby. I wasn’t even going in that store. I wasn’t even going in that door. Something told me to just go and see if they have what I was looking for and then I get the gift of my life, only 3 days before Christmas. The only regret I have is not asking this little girl where it came from.

That’s when my head started going and I pieced together the logic-kids are so pure and they don’t hold back anything. The fact that papa chose this little girl to bring me that magical dime means the world to me and that little angel will never know what she did for me yesterday. I wish I could tell her what she did and how much that dime meant to me, especially during this time with the holidays here, and a certain special man isn’t.

I swear if I could find her somehow, I would make her Christmas so special and make sure she had what she really wanted. I needed this so bad and I still get goosebumps thinking about it.

Papa, thank you.

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