Regrets are just writing prompts.”

Just a girl,

staring out into the world,

and begging it to love me.

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Where Have I Been?

Sheraton Waikiki Hawaii Pool
Laying out in the Hawaiian sun.
Sheraton Waikiki Resort
The views from the Sheraton Waikiki Resort
A Collage of the Sheraton Resort
My balcony, sky and the creamy-penny colored tan I had within a day in the sun
Paradise Cove Luau
Polynesian Tattoo @ Paradise Cove Luau

Waikiki, Hawaii | February 2016 | Sheraton Waikiki

Review: The Sheraton Waikiki is a 5-star resort, smack in the middle of Waikiki beach. The resort has its own club, Red Room, and it is a popular spot for nightlife in Waikiki. The resort has an infinity pool right over the ocean along with a larger pool on the other side of the hotel. The pool has a winding water-slide, lounge chairs and floats for a small renters fee. The poolside food and drink service is fantastic! I ordered a Piña Colada in a carved-out pineapple and sipped it with my toes in the water. It took me a few days to build up courage to hit up the slide, but once I slid down and held my nose I went back for more. I rented a blow up raft and took it to the beach (which is directly outside of the pool) and spent hours floating in the most serene ocean ever imaginable. DEF worth the long plane ride!

But, Why Am I Blogging?


If you know me at all, you know my obsession with capturing every moment in life. Between Snapchat, Facebook and Instagram, I like to keep the world updated on every little thing that happens. With that said, I have come to the conclusion that I want to keep better track of my daily shenanigans. While I explore this world I will update the places I see and the interesting people I meet. I can’t wait to introduce my findings to the world!

xo SamWriteNow

You Were Listening The Whole Time, THE WHOLE TIME??!

I love to listen to my surroundings, so this is a recap of the amazingly awkward conversations I have come across in my travels. Enjoy!


Walmart, Virginia Beach

“Do you prefer the chocolate drumsticks? Well, look in the freezer. Are there more vanilla ones left?” *What a good southern mother*

Shaking Crab, Virginia Beach

Two employees playing rock, paper, scissors at the register and I asked why, and they shrugged.

The neighbor table got up and came over to me and asked what I ordered. I basically work here now and explained the entire process of ordering. Their accents had me giving delayed responses as I tried to decipher their questions. #NailedIt


I beat the hostess in Rock, Paper, Scissors. Video coming soon.

Stop & Shop

Little boy: “Why so many Cheerios?”

Mom: “They were 4/$10”

H&M Dressing Room

Boy 1: “Ring, ring.”

Boy 2: “Hello, how are you?”

Boy 1: “I’m not so well.”

Boy 2: “Why, what’s wrong?”

Boy 1: “My children are driving me crazy!

Furniture Store

Mother: “I need this chair.. for myself.. for my kitchen.”

Daughter: “Okay.”

Mother: “Because I sit in the kitchen.. from 10 to 2…then I sit in the sitting room.. from 2 to 10.. then I sleep from 10 to whenever.”

Daughter: “Okay.”

Furniture Store

Little boy: “Why don’t we ever get to ride the alligator?”