June 21, 2001

It’s not easy, I never got to ask him the questions I have as an adult. We never got to hold those deep coming of age conversations. The strongest memory besides this one was watching My Girl in the living room with him. I can still hear the squeak of his chair when he got up or sat down.

RIP to an amazing grandfather who I know is by my side everyday. I hope I make you proud! 😘

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The First High-Five

Back in the day, way before the invention of the vehicle or the idea of a telephone, inhabitants of the earth spent their time walking in search of food. With the many people living in the village, the food sources were slim. The cavemen walked, and walked, and walked in search of something to bring home for their families.

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Vegas: Day One with Mr Carter

Everything was going well until we fell asleep. A 6:20AM flight to Vegas sounded like a great idea–stay up all night, sleep on the plane, and start our vacation super early! I should’ve never let us get comfortable at 2AM… We spent more time on the shuttle bus than we spent driving to Newark. We…

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